“Whether Report” Now Available

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Derik Hutlquist’s first release on Carnival Recording Company is now available. ┬áCheck out his 5 song EP “Whether Report” on iTunes & Amazon today!

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  • Rusty

    This EP swept me off my feet. Melodic and entrancing and everything a voice should be, letting the notes and melodies of the song follow along to the lead set by his distinctive voice. This sound should be what every self branded singer-songwriter trying to pass for whatever it is they are trying to pass for should stop and listen to and in the process close out all their trivial, whiny, insincere lyrics because they might rhyme and pour themselves a shot of whiskey with a chaser of heartbreak and a twist of love. Drop the phrase “I want to be like …” and take a page from Derik Hultquist’s book: write and write and write and play and play and play until you have a handful of super polished gems you’re not ready to share with the world. Not because they are sub-par, hell as far from that as you are going to find in this industry, but because every emotion and feeling is genuine and opening his soul to total strangers, baring it all in hopes of making that connection is what seems to drive this bright up and comer. This sort of thing can’t be rushed and it can’t be learned. It comes from love, life and a whole lot of heartbreak. Derik Hultquist is each of us at our very best and our very worst and that’s why the connection with his music is so strong. If he keeps this level of motivation up, mixed in with just enough self-deprivation, I see huge things coming from Mr. Hultquist, well done sir.

  • Snake

    That Rusty guy sure has a quick key-finger. Great Job.

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