Scooter Carusoe celebrates another #1 with Darius Rucker’s “For The First Time”

Scooter Carusoe celebrates another #1 song with Darius Rucker’s “For The First Time.” Rucker mentions “That song really made me sit down and write out a list of things I want to do that I’ve never done; not so much bucket list stuff, just stuff that ‘why have I never done that?’ And it was really cool, and now I’m trying to do all those things.” “But for me, that’s why I wanted that song to be a single. I wanted people to sit back for a second and go, ‘When was the last time I did something?’” Furthermore, Darius performed this song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Congratulations Scooter Carusoe for another #1 hit!


Listen to “For the First Time” here and watch the music video below.