Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, by way of Atlanta, via Mississippi — Aham Smith marches to a beat of his own. He works in a range of genres, making his sound new and familiar at once. His love for music and singing was first discovered by the public at the early age of 10. Aham was born the youngest of a musically talented family. If you listen to his single, “Country Walkin,” you can hear one of his brothers accompanying Aham’s colorful lyrics and vocal striations on guitar.
As stated, he is the youngest of a talented musical family from his parents on down; his mother wrote music and his father played piano and taught Aham the harmonica. However it wasn’t easy, on the outside looking in Aham seemed to have inherited a little bit of everything. Being graced with looks, attitude, charm, talent, and business savvy; it seemed he was destined to go far in life. He started writing songs at the early age of 10. If you ask him he would tell you that, “it was a simple song, great but simple,” written for my sister. Through it all, Aham has not been shy to let everyone know who guides his path, “With God in the fore-front, I am positioned to pursue my goals and dreams musically.”


selected songs

  1. Country Walkin'
  2. Adrenaline (When I'm Alone)
  3. Cruisin'