Gretchen Peters releases Dancing with the Beast

In her newly released album Dancing with the Beast, Carnival songwriter Gretchen Peters writes about the struggles that women deal with daily.  While “Dancing With The Beast is a tough listen, it must have been a lot tougher to write,” says Your Life in a Song.  Peters encourages females to speak up and stand up for what they believe. “Dancing With The Beast puts female characters at the fore, from teenage girls to old women. And intentionally so. With the 2017 Women’s March and #MeToo Movement as bookends to her writing time, Peters knew that a feminist perspective would be the critical core of the record.” And in this new record, she accomplishes that. “Peters has in full measure the skill of telling a story by not telling all of it. Like a radio play letting audiences participate by filling in the blanks, the colours, and visual details suggested by the dialogue, so Peters’ songs leave ample room for the listener’s imagination to take part,” PopMatters states. Congratulations Gretchen Peters on your achievement.


Listen to Dancing with the Beast here.