Scooter Carusoe and Chris Janson’s “Drunk Girl” wins Song of the Year

Scooter Carusoe, Chris Janson, and Tom Douglas win Music Row’s 30th Annual Song of the Year Award for “Drunk Girl.” This brilliant and impactful song addresses the all too familiar situation of a girl that has had too much to drink and is vulnerable. “If it’s a situation where there is a drunk girl — maybe you’re dating her or maybe you’re not or maybe you just met her — take care of her,” says Janson. Written from a father’s perspective, these guys write in hopes that a boy would treat their daughters right and take her home. They hope even more that their sons would do the right thing and take a drunk girl safely home. Janson tells People “Do the right thing. Doing the right thing always ends up with a perfect outcome, and I would say that goes for guys and girls alike… You do the right thing; the right outcome always comes from it. You can always bet on that.” Through the creation of this song and working with Carusoe and Douglas, Janson says “I’ve learned how to be a better songwriter and how to be just a better human, better Christian, better dad, and a better husband.” Congratulations to these songwriters for their hard work and accomplishments with “Drunk Girl.”


Listen to the “Drunk Girl” here.