Derik Hultquist puts in the work to create The Worktapes, Vol.1

Carnival writer Derik Hultquist recently released his two EPs called The Worktapes, Vol. 1.  All of the songs were recorded with either just a piano or a guitar. This project stemmed from Derik’s desire to get back to the simplest and truest form of the song. That courage led to this outstanding record.


Hultquist expresses “Without sounding fake I would be lost if I couldn’t write songs. It just means the world to me. I mean that. I’ve spent over a decade hoping with every breath that I’m talented enough, smart enough and that someone out there is listening, really listening to that heartbeat of this thing that is so important to me.” In addition, Hultquist recommends to listen to the EPs “deep in the dark, driving your car, or on a long walk. Listen for the song.” Congratulations to Derik and everyone involved in the making of The Worktapes, Vol.1.


Listen to Side A here and Side B here.