David Nail and the Well Ravens release “Heavy”

David Nail and the Well Ravens released their new single “Heavy” from their upcoming album Only This and Nothing More.  Nail chose to introduce his new and different style of music with the release of “Heavy” because he believed it would leave the greatest impression on his listeners. As Nail emphasized to Billboard, “I think it was the first time in four or five years that I told a story completely from a fictional standpoint without any truth to my own life. I think as a songwriter, that helped to inspire me that I could still do this. I don’t have to write about the same old thing or subjects that people expect me to write about. I can be a songwriter who can write something out of thin air that is triggered by something I watched on TV. It’s like creating a movie.” Congratulations David Nail, Andrew Petroff, and Jason Hall for their new single and upcoming album. The new album Only This And Nothing More will be released September 14, 2018.


Listen to “Heavy” here and watch the music video below.