Dani Flowers

Dani was born Ida Danielle Flowers in Effingham, Illinois. Her vocal talent became apparent at an early age, as she made her first public appearance at a local county fair at six years old, where she placed second in a talent contest against children

all considerably older than her. By the time she was a teenager, Dani was a regular performer in her small hometown of Vandalia, IL at celebrations, along with singing at her church whenever asked. She plays piano, fiddle, guitar, a couple songs on the banjo and a couple on the mandolin. She even played trombone in her junior high and high school bands.

Dani’s father died when she was six. Her mother raised her, and ignited in Dani a keen interest in music. Her mother was one of eleven children, all of whom played or sang. They were all raised by parents who played guitar and sang. Dani’s grandparents were very well known in their hometown for putting together benefits for local citizens in financial need. Their family sang at all the local celebrations and had square dances in their barn every Saturday night.

Dani’s love for country music is apparent in her strong, smooth voice. She tells everyone that there is a song on one of Daryl Singletary’s albums that says, “Mama used to ‘whup’ me with a George Jones album, that’s why I sing this way.” Well, Dani’s mom put her to bed every night with a Patty Loveless cassette tape. Maybe that’s why she sings and writes like she does.