Adam Wright releases new album Dust

Carnival writer Adam Wright released his new album Dust. This album defies convention and reveals a world wholly worth exploring. The Press House comments “The 11 songs on Dust have many layers and encompass everything from death to broken dreams to complicated Southern roots.”  Furthermore, The Press House adds “Often chilling in nature, the lyrics on Dust are anything but safe.”

What makes this record so unique is Wright’s inspiration from his son.  “’The chorus of Dust came to me while I was watching my youngest son notice dust particles shining in the light coming through the window one day. He’d never seen anything like that before. He was seeing this magic in what is literally the least significant stuff of life. The stuff we wipe away. It was absolutely magical to him. It was a powerful image and hopefully is the way we shine despite our insignificance and flaws. The verses tell the story of three people whose lives intertwine one day and, in spite of their flaws, save each other,’” Wright reveals to PopMatters. Congratulations Adam Wright for all your hard work.

Listen to Dust here.